Title: Project Determines HIV Epidemic Cannot Be Ended Without Stopping Former Prisoners and Other Patients Being ⁤Lost⁣ to Care


HIV/AIDS remains a significant public health challenge worldwide, with millions of people living with the virus ⁣and thousands ⁤of new infections occurring every‌ day. ⁣Despite significant advancements in treatment and⁣ prevention, ‌there are still barriers that prevent certain populations⁢ from ‌accessing the care ​and support ⁢they⁤ need to effectively‍ manage their HIV infection.

One such population is former ⁤prisoners and other patients who are lost to care, resulting in poor health outcomes ‍and increased risk of HIV transmission. A recent project has determined⁢ that ending the HIV⁢ epidemic cannot be achieved without addressing these issues and ensuring that ‌all ⁤individuals have access ​to‍ comprehensive care and ‌support services.

Key Findings of​ the​ Project:

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