Softform Heelpad

The Softform Heelpad is designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area. The controlled volume of gel in the sacs allows pressure displacement and even weight distribution. Pressure on a patient's heels are kept to a minimum when the heels are in contact with the gel sacs. The Heelpad was designed to be used in conjunction with the Invacare Odstock Wedge, but can also be used independently as an effective pressure reducing device.

Propad Leg Trough

The Propad Leg Trough has been designed in consultation with clinicians to provide maximum support for the whole leg. The Leg Trough elevates the heels and allows them to be suspended over the edge of the trough. This provides maximum pressure relief for the vulnerable heel area.

Softform Odstock wedge

The Softform Odstock Wedge was developed in partnership with clinicians to assist in the reduction of interface pressures on the sacrum and heels without significantly increasing pressure on the thighs or calves. It is designed to improve and maintain patient posture in the recumbent position, and to reduce the tendency for the client to slip down the bed, thereby reducing shearing forces on the sacrum. The Odstock Wedge  is ideal for improving posture for those with back discomfort.



Softform Flexipad

Invacare Softform Flexipads are highly versatile pads filled with silicone gel,and can be used to position and support limbs, joints, the torso or the head. The Flexipads can be used to position limbs for treatment, whilst recovering from an injury, or to assist in maintaining a more comfortable position to alleviate pain.

Flo-tech Lumbar Pad

The Flo-tech Lumbar Pad is designed for use on existing chairs or wheelchairs and can improve posture, comfort and support. The Lumbar Pad is simple and easy to use. It is fitted with adjustable straps and comes complete with a black fabric cover.

Flo-tech Back Support

The Flo-tech Back Support  has been designed to provide added stability to a wheelchair or standard armchair and can be used in conjunction with any Flo-tech cushion. The Flo-tech Back Support  provides excellent comfort and improved positioning, which in turn helps to improve or maintain independence whilst in the seated position. The unique supportive design offers additional support and may provide protection from pressure ulcer formation and spinal deformities.

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