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Softair Excellence

The Invacare Softair Excellence  is a dynamic mattress replacement system designed for patients at 'Very High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers or for clients having treatment for existing tissue damage. The mattress comes complete with a quiet user friendly control unit and is ideal for Acute, Community and Residential Care.



Softform Premier with Strikethrough Resistant Technology

The Softform Premier with Strikethrough Resistant Technology is a high specification replacement mattress designed to meet the demands of the Community and Acute healthcare environments. Practical and durable, this mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure reduction. The 'Very High Risk' Softform Premier is available in a range of sizes including single, double and kingsize.

Softform Premier Active 2 with Strikethrough Resistant Technology

The clinically proven Softform Premier Active has undergone some changes and now incorporates a range of new features to enhance product performance and patient comfort. The Softform Premier Active 2 with Strikethrough Resistant Technology still offers a 'High/ Very High Risk' static surface, but a discreet pump can be fitted to the air insert providing an alternating surface. 

Softform Premier MaxiGlide

The Softform Premier MaxiGlide mattress offers an innovative glide mechanism that significantly reduces shear and friction forces when used with an electric profiling bed. The patented design allows the top surface to provide excellent pressure reducing properties along with a high level of comfort and support, whilst the base of the mattress uniquely separates to conform to the bedframe. The 'Very High Risk' Softform Premier MaxiGlide comes in a range of sizes.

Softform Premier Visco

The Softform Premier Visco pressure reducing mattress is suitable for those considered at 'High Risk'* of developing pressure ulcers. The mattress features a high density visco elastic (memory) foam insert, which is temperature-sensitive to the body, allowing it to conform to body shape. This provides exceptional comfort and facilitates pressure reduction by minimising peak pressures. The Softform Premier Visco comes in a range of sizes.

Softform Excel

The pressure reducing properties of the core of the Softform Excel is constructed from high specification foam which provides even weight distribution for greater comfort and pressure re-distribution. With a robust foam base, it prevents the mattress from bottoming out and is suitable for those considered 'At Risk' of developing pressure ulcers. The Softform Excel comes in a range of sizes.

Propad Overlays

Widely used by healthcare professionals in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and in the Community, the Invacare Propad Overlay range  has proved itself to be an essential element of a successful pressure care programme. Designed to sit on top of a conventional mattress, the Propad Overlays provide comfort and pressure area care to those considered at 'High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.

Softform Birthing Mattress

Designed in consultation with some of the leading maternity units in the UK, the Softform Birthing mattress has been designed to aid pressure reduction and is highly durable. For added assurance in infection control, all seams are manufactured with an extremely strong high frequency weld and audit inspection zip.

Softform Cot mattress

The highly comfortable Softform Cot mattress is chemical free and designed to greatly reduce the risk of fluid ingress. It offers excellent durability and helps reduce shear and friction forces

Softform Incubator mattress

The Softform Incubator mattress is a 'High Risk' alternative to the cot mattress with a profiled foam surface, providing additional levels of protection.

Softform Newborn mattress

With the same features as the Softform Cot mattess, the Softform Newborn alternative mattress is available in a smaller size range.

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