Pressure Ulcer Prevention Ideas

With more and more Pressure Ulcer Prevention initiatives being put in place around the UK and each one delivering great results, Think Pressure Care has brought them all together on one page.

This page gives you easy access to some great initiatives that have been put in place to reduce pressure ulcers in both the acute and community sectors. Take a look and get some inspiration to help raise awareness of pressure ulcers in your trust/ organisation.

Learning To Stop The Pressure

NHS Midlands and East launched their 'Learning To Stop The Pressure' last year which explains how everyone has a specific role in preventing painful and distressing pressure ulcers. The web page clarifies what YOU need to do and know about pressure ulcers and gives instant access to all relevant learning resources. For further information, please visit

Learning to Stop The Pressure

 NT9 Leamington Community Team

The team from Leamington have found a fantastic way of raising awareness of the very important topic in a light hearted way with fun and laughter had by all involved. The team have used the well known 'Stop right now' song and cleverly changed the lyrics. Take a look...

 Stop Right Now Video

Stop the Pressure - Pressure Ulcer Path

NHS Midlands and East have developed a 'Pressure Ulcer Path' that assists with preventing and treating pressure ulcers using a simple step by step guide. The online tool has a lot of useful information and downloadable support material and there is also detailed information about how the trust implemented the initiative. For more information, please visit 

Stop the pressure Path

Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP) Project

Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust have introduced this initiative to reduce pressure ulcers (bedsores) in the community. 
The PUP project provides educational tools and training for those who require care. One of the tools includes 8 short videos that give quick overviews on topics such as 'An introduction to pressure ulcers' and 'Preventing pressure ulcers: Using the right equipment'. Click here to view the videos.

The PUP Project

 React to Red Skin

The React to Red Skin campaign was recently launched by UHCW NHS Trust Tissue Viability Nurses following their successful and award winning '100 days free' and 'Heel watch' campaigns. The difference with this campaign compared to the previous is that it is aimed primarily at Patients, Families and Carers.

Find our more about this campaign here.

React to Red Logo

 SKIN Bundle

One of the first programmes launched in the UK was the SKIN Bundle. Piloted in Wales in early 2009, the bundle consists of a group of interventions to ensure the correct assessments, training, systems and processes are in place. The implementation of the bundle proved very successful and has now been rolled out to the rest of Wales and also in other parts of the UK. The trust has put together a free Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pack and a number of resources for others to use. Take a look here

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg logo

This page will be updated regularly so come back soon!

If you know any good Pressure Ulcer Prevention programmes/ initivates that you think should be added to the page, please let us know

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