30 June 2014

Spinal pressure redistributing mattress

Do you have patients with newly acquired spinal injuries and not sure what support surface to put them on?

The Invacare Softform Premier Spinal is a high specification replacement mattress designed specifically for those with newly acquired spinal injuries. Practical and durable, this mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure reduction, and aids patient rehabilitation.

The mattress features a unique dual foam insert providing a choice of two stable support surfaces that give excellent comfort whilst reducing shear, friction and pressure for patients with spinal injuries. By placing the blue foam insert on top, this will provide a higher density surface for additional stability. By changing the inserts over and having the orange foam insert on top, the patient will immerse more into the mattress.

The mattress also comes complete with a Strikethrough Resistant Technology® cover. The cover is made from a highly chemically resistant polyurethane polymer which swells less with water contact, making it much more resistant to abrasion and damage. When cleaning a cover with 'Strikethrough Resistant Technology®, the material is less prone to change and reverts to its natural state very quickly. The time in which the cover is more prone to physical damage is significantly reduced.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your local Invacare Business Development Manager or click here.



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