21 January 2015

NEW Maxxcare Heelboot

Maxxcare Heel BootThe reduction of pressure and shear at the heel is an important point of interest in clinical practice. The posterior prominence of the heel sustains intense pressure, even when a pressure redistribution surface is used (EPUAP 2014). The reduction of pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area is a challenge for most clinicians. Attributing factors for increased risk are positioning difficulties and lack of subcutaneous fat in this area. 

The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot provides excellent comfort and pressure reduction for patients with a high risk of developing pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area. For patients with pressure damage, the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot can be an effective solution for wound healing, as it as its unique design allows for heel offloading. (NICE 2014) 

To find out more about this great new product contact one of our Business Development Managers to see a sample or take a look at the Maxxcare brochure click here

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