06 June 2016

Maxxcare Heelboot XL

The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot is now available in XL size

The Maxxcare Pro heel boot provides excellent comfort and pressure reduction for patients with a 'high risk' of developing pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area. It can be used as a preventative measure and also for patients suffering from pressure damage as a healing aid, as the heel is completely "off-loaded".  Four removable air tubes form a comfortable cushioning effect around the foot for complete heel protection.   

The new heel boot "XL" size has now been launched by Invacare to accommodate a wide range of foot and ankle dimensions.  Ideal for patients requiring larger boot sizes or suffering from conditions such as oedema, the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot can now offer a solution for stable positioning support and effective pressure distribution for all patient requirements.    

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Maxxcare Heel Boot

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