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The risk of developing pressure ulcers is significantly increased when vulnerable patients sit out for extended periods of time. There is also a risk for those seating in a wheelchair. A further complication associated with sitting for extended periods are the practical aspects of re-positioning and the impairment of venous return.

Invacare Flo-tech® cushions offer a unique range of ergonomically designed pressure reducing surfaces, shaped to promote good posture and offer effective pressure reduction. The aim of effective seating is to: 

-  Reduce vulnerability to pressure ulcers

-  Maintain a balanced and symmetrical position

-  Prevent shear and friction

-  Reduce discomfort and pain

-  Prevent tissue deformation

-  Conform to the body shape

-  Offer effective support without bottoming out

-  Offer additional support at the sides and rear

Invacare's Flo-tech cushions are designed to provide effective pressure reduction and postural support.  The range includes moulded contoured cushions in a range of sizes, and depths with the option of gel inserts to offer additional protection to vulnerable areas.

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