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Softform Premier Active 2 with Strikethrough Resistant Technology

Clinically proven hybrid technology, for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

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Softform Premier with Strikethrough Resistant Technology

The Softform Premier is a high specification foam pressure redistributing mattress designed to meet the demands of Community and Acute healthcare environments. Practical and durable, this static mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure redistribution. The 'Strikethrough Resistant Technology®' (SRT) cover has been designed to manage the clinical impact of pressure care and infection control by reducing the risk of cross infection. The clinically proven foam interface of the Softform Premier foam mattress provides stability and comfort, for those considered at 'High Risk/Very High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.
Invacare's expertise and experience in the field of pressure care has been combined to produce the ultimate in design and quality in the Softform Premier mattress. With a full range of sizes available, the Softform Premier provides an unrivalled solution to pressure redistribution on a static foam surface.

This mattress is also available with a FULLY SEALED COVER to meet the needs of challenging environments, such as Mental Health, Secure Units and Dementia Care, where entrapment, ligature risk and deliberate equipment damage are potential issues.  As a key requirement in specialist areas of healthcare, our fully sealed covers are available with a Crib 5 or Crib 7 rating for fire retardency, depending on risk level, in accordance with BS EN 597-1 Cig / BS EN 597-2 Match / BS7177 Crib 5, BS7177:Crib 7.

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Softform Premier Original

The Invacare Softform Premier Original is a high specification replacement mattress designed to meet the demands of the Community and Acute healthcare environment. Practical and durable, this mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure redistribution at a cost effective price. TheSoftform Premier Originalis suitable for those considered at 'High/Very High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.

Softform Premier MaxiGlide

This high specification mattress offers an innovative glide mechanism that significantly reduces shear and friction forces when used with an electric profiling bed. The patented design allows the top surface to provide excellent pressure redistributing properties along with a high level of comfort and support, whilst the base of the mattress uniquely separates to conform to the bedframe. The 'Very High Risk' Softform Premier MaxiGlide comes in a range of sizes. View the MaxiGlide video HERE

Softform Premier Visco with Strikethrough Resistant Technology

A high specification pressure redistributing mattress featuring a high density visco elastic (memory) foam insert, which is temperature-sensitive to the body allowing it to conform to body shape. This provides exceptional comfort and facilitates pressure reduction by minimising peak pressures.

Softform Trolley Mattress Range

The Softform Trolley mattress range  has been designed to specifically meet the demands of the modern A&E department. Suitable for those 'At Risk' of developing a pressure ulcer, the high specification pressure redistributing foam mattress offers a comfortable support surface and interim pressure area care for patients waiting for treatment. The mattresses come in a variation of sizes and options for use on a selection of trolley frames & are suitable for X-ray & theatres.



Softform Excel

The pressure redistributing properties of the core is constructed from high specification foam which provides even weight distribution for greater comfort and pressure re-distribution. With a robust foam base, it prevents the mattress from bottoming out and is suitable for those considered 'At Risk' of developing pressure ulcers. The Softform Excel comes in a range of sizes.

Propad Overlays

Widely used by healthcare professionals in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and in the Community, the Invacare Propad Overlay range  has proved itself to be an essential element of a successful pressure care programme. Designed to sit on top of a conventional mattress, the Propad Overlays provide comfort and pressure area care to those considered at 'High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers. Also as part of the Propad Overlay range is the Propad Renal Overlay developed in conjunction with clinicians it is suitable for use in a wide range of dialysis chairs, for vulnerable patients who are at 'high risk' of developing pressure ulcers.

Softform Bariatric

The Softform Bariatric provides a high level of patient comfort whilst offering effective pressure re-distribution. Suitable for use on all types of profiling beds, the mattress is essential for patients whose needs cannot be met with standard products, with a maximum user weight of 340 kg (53.5 stone).

Essential Mattress Range

The  Essential range of mattesses offers a cost effective solution to the issue of pressure care in the home care and residential care environment. A choice of 3 different mattresses catetering from basic comfort, to those who are at considerable risk of developing pressure ulcers, these mattresses provide a mangable range for those at the lower end of the risk spectrum. 


Softform Premier Spinal

Designed for those with newly acquired spinal injuries this practical and durable mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure redistribution, aids patient rehabilitation and comes complete with a Strikethrough Resistant Technology (SRT) cover

Vicair Academy Mattress

The Invacare Vicair Academy mattress provides a unique combination of superior pressure redistribution, comfort and optimal positioning, making it suitable for clients at 'Very High Risk'* of developing  pressure ulcers. Usingstatic air therapythe mattress offers a supportive dynamic service that  minimisesshear and frictionforces. It offers the pateint a high level of comfort with pressure redistribution  with responsive SmarCell™ Technology.

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