Educational Posters

To support our training in acute, community and residential care environments, Invacare has a wide range of visual display resources available. All the resources have been developed in conjunction with Healthcare Professionals and are in line with the latest clinical and industry guidlines including:

  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP)

You can download any of our resources by simply clicking on the document images below, Howvever, if you would prefer free of charge hard copies, please complete the contact form.

  PU classification 2017 poster

Pressure Ulcer Grading Chart

Part no. 1522584

 The 30 degree tilt 2017 30 degree tilt

Part no. 1492224

  Areas at risk 2017


Area at Risk from pressure damage

Part no. 1492636

Concepts of chair nursng poster

Concepts of chair nursing             

Part no. 1492635

Mattress cleaning guide 2017

Mattress Cleaning Guide

Part no. 1578360

Mattress Care Poster

Mattress Care Guide

Part no. 1576928    


Mattress,moving & handling 2017

 Mattress Moving and Handling

Part no. 1578359

 *Large quantities may be chargable

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